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The love me! They really, really love me!

It's nice to know that you did a good job.  After playing manager for a while at work (appx 2 months) I was told by everyone I worked with... "peers" (in quotes because they were only my peers while I was playing manager... any other time they'd be higher level than me), "employees", and managers.  I seriously got zero negative and lots of positive feedback.  I took a group that was mired in rework and frustration, and in two months gave them processes, cleared the plates, reduced the pressure, while accomplishing all the objectives laid out for us and ensuring everyone's expertise was being best utilized.  Basically, by the time he got back, things were perfect... the only thing he could do was mess it up.

Today my boss sends me this on IM:

Boss: <Coworker> was yelling at me at lunch
Me: about?
Boss: <New Manager> is not living upto the standard
Boss: you set
Me: oh
Me: Well... I appreciate that from a personal standpoint... but I'm not interested in seeing anyone fail... is there anything I can do to help?
Boss: <coworker> is working with <newbie>
Me: (while acknowledging that his personal style is fairly immoveable)
Boss: Thought you would appricate it
Me: I do :)
Me: ...but only from a personal validation perspective ;)
Me: <newbie> annoys the hell out of me... but that doesn't mean I want him to fail.
Me: (but thanks ;))
Boss: your welcome

I really am being honest about the situation... I really don't want him to fail... but it's still gratifying to know that arguably one of the most vocal and well respected people in the team is being vocal about not having me (that's the read between the lines, though she told me as much privately before anyway).

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