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Goodbye, AT&T Wireless...

I've been a loyal customer of AT&T Wireless for years, and Cellular One before that... but the Cingular merger did nothing but destroy their service. My phone would flick back and forth between carriers... the time would constantly request updating as I walked between cells (or even down the street)... I wouldn't be able to make calls because of some "emergency calls only" thing... my phone would drop out mid-call with that insane "beep-beep-beep", blah blah blah. So I went out and bought a new phone from Sprint, mostly because Austin is CONSTANTLY on the phone (he's on their highest rate plan and still manages to go over), and he rarely complains about his service (in fact, loves his service).

Unfortunately, I was still on contract with AT&T and couldn't cancel... so I paid for 2 service plans for about 3 months (trust me... still cheaper than breaking the contract)... but now I am officially free. My contract is over, my service is cancelled (effective Oct. 27th), and I'm on one bill.

I find it ironic that the woman would say to me as we were closing the call "Thank you for choosing AT&T Wireless"... I had to resist the temptation to point out the contradiction in that statement. ;)
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