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Home from Chicago


Previous Entry Home from Chicago Nov. 19th, 2004 @ 01:53 pm Next Entry
For the most that didn't know, I've been in Chicago, IL, for the past few days... got here on Tuesday night. I'm still sitting in the offices of the company that we're doing work with, and things appear to be going rather well... I think I've had a grand total of one idea that wasn't completely agreed by the team (9 people or so) as being extremely important, the director of development for the company has nodded in agremeent with everything I've said around all of this, and the project manager and I have bonded fairly well... all in all, a good networking trip, plus good technically.

Most of the people on the team are very cool... one is fairly annoying though... he's got an initial implementation of this whole thing, and he's doing a lot of turf wars, not wanting to change anything that he's got going. Unfortunately for him, I have the largest audience and the most impact on the company though, so I have an override on him, and he doesn't really like it. I'm all about working together, and all about trying to preserve his existing investment... but if something has to change for the rest of us, his system isn't going to dictate anything. It's collaboration... and that means sacrafice on his part too. He's frustrating also though in that he just discovered a problem with his reporting in the system... the company made an assumption as to how things should be hooked together, and it was wrong. He fails to understand that assumptions happen on both sides... one makes it, and the other lets it happen by not mentioning it. He got all pissy... but had no concept that he could even be remotely at fault for it. They made the assumption, it was their fault. Special handling will be required for him, me thinks.

I'm very happy to be going home though... this meeting has been exhausting, which I guess is always the case when you're tightly engaged. My brain is full... and the flight home is going to be welcome relief.

I can't wait to see my boy... I miss him... and he's sick... I wanna go take care of him. :)
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