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Previous Entry Party Dec. 25th, 2003 @ 07:42 am Next Entry
Okay... so the party was GREAT :) Some things didn't pan out as expected or hoped, but the events of the night definaly made for a good time... perhaps even better than had things worked out as expected... sometimes things really do work out for the best on their own :)

Met a couple of people that I might try to stretch across the "party vs. IRL" chasm... we'll see how that goes. The two seem to be (somewhat unintentionally) distinct... but it's worth trying... see what the outcomes are :)

I've decided to go to Vancouver for the weekend... should be LOADS of fun (tho it got a bit more expensive since we decided to stay at a hotel... but it's definately manageable, and I like the hotel, it's in the middle of everything... hell... I was considering staying in the hotel anyway even if it was just me :P!)

Gotta get some sleep at some point... and have to schedule the flight out ASAP and the hotel... it should be a good time... gotta wait for it to be "cool" with the people I was prob going to see... but they were "very encouraging" when it I brough the idea up :)

Oh.. yeah... my friend Jason's going with me! :) I think it'll be cool... low drama (in fact, no drama, I bet), and good to party with... and goes right in line with my occasional desire to give people I care about things that they wouldn't otherwise get/have/give themselves :)... and he's good people. :)

:) :) :)
Current Mood: Tired, but Happy
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