KuteLuvr (kuteluvr) wrote,

Resume Cover Letter

If you were reviewing people's resumes and you saw this cover letter, would your interest in this person be increased or decreased? Why?

Dear [Recipient Name]:

Attached you will find my current resume, including information about my evolutionary growth with my current employer, XYZ Company.

As with all resumes, some of my achievements and direct contributions to in specific areas are outlined. However, this represents only a small portion of my overall contribution to the company… and hopefully to you. While I feel that my technical skills are exceptional and direct project and team contributions well above any measurable standard of excellence, the true scope of my contribution is much larger than this outline can demonstrate.

I find that my experience and intuitive understanding of both people and technology combine to create a value that surpasses the successes in my resume. Collaboration with my colleagues, understanding the unmentioned needs of my management, and increasing the knowledge and understanding with my team creates exponential value. Through helping everyone to achieve their best, to understand and constantly increase their value, the performance and contribution of everyone is increased, including my own as I learn as much as I share.

Ultimately the measure of success is not only what one person has achieved, but what that person can help others to achieve. I look forward to learning what amazing things we might achieve together.

[Sender Name]
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