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From Vancouver


Previous Entry From Vancouver Dec. 27th, 2003 @ 03:30 pm Next Entry
Well... we get to Vancouver and all goes well (except for the fact that I have access to absolutely NO money, which is not comfortable)... hooked up with my friend Cory and hung out at the Odyssey last night... wasn't in too much of an excited mood... could simply be the post-effects of my christmastime romp... Tonight will be The World... that should be interesting. :)

Jason's so fun to watch... it started snowing, and we can watch what looks like a blizzard from our room (on the 24th floor...:)... it's SO cool... anyway, he just gets this wonderful, fascinated, fun look in his eyes... it's the child inside that we all hope to retain coming out for a visit and marveling at the wonderous beauty of something most might accept as passe or even annoying as it gets in your hair and makes it wet. He smiles, and his blue eyes sparkle as they stare at the little flakes of ice float down and melt... how many people do you know that can appreciate the beauty of a single, spectactular act of nature so directly?

So... The World tonight... and then the flight home tomorrow. Prob won't sleep much tonight, but plane flights are good for that ;)
Current Mood: happyhappy
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