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fit vs. fat


Previous Entry fit vs. fat Dec. 30th, 2003 @ 09:12 pm Next Entry
I went off writing some huge thing that ultimately made it sound like I was trying to get kudos for my workout routine... so I scrapped it. Suffice it to say that as muscles get larger, and caloric intake increases, it's hard sometimes to tell if you're building more muscle, or if you're adding less desirable bulk. Since I'm new to this whole workout thing, I think the reality is that my muscles simply haven't filled out fully yet, and that'll take time. It's called tone, and it only comes after the body decides that this is it's "natural state" as opposed to an occasion in response to a little extra exertion. Yeah... that works for me psychologically too... I think it's just that this is part of the incremental steps toward my goal of fitness, and after I go through this, and after some time, my body will naturalize to this state and I'll have perhaps the body I'm working for... or can make minor adjustments to get where I want to go. First though, my body has to figure out how to deal with the crap I'm putting it through, and what I'm seeing now are simply responses to training, not yet the formation of a new body state.

In the meantime, I'll suck my tummy in. :P
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