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Prada, JR's, and South Beach

More shopping ensued. I found a shirt I really liked at Macy's (FYI, Macy's was the original target for shopping, mostly because I needed more socks and I knew they carried what I wanted)... and of course I knew exactly the shoes I wanted to go with them. There was this pair of Prada slip-ons that Austin had, wore out, and replaced (my gift) because they were so versatile and comfortable. I tried them on once when we went shopping and though I loved them (and ALMOST bought them) I couldn't get them because he had the same shoes... and that was just a fashion no-no. However, I got this shirt and now I wanted the shoes... period. So, back to Saks and I bought the fucking shoes. There goes that operation for mom... and here is my first bout with buyers remourse so far (I'll get over it ;).

We really had to work up the steam to go out, but I wore my Pradas and the cute, cute new shirt I got at Emporio Armani... it was tight around the chest and slinky everywhere else... LOVED IT! Really makes you feel good about your gym efforts when all your shirts suddenly feel tight in the upper chest... woohoo! :)

Rebecca knew where the gay area was, but finding the clubs themselves was another matter. We were't into the "c&w" thing (thanks redarious), so South Beach and JR's it was. For those that remember, JR's was kinda "the place" go to on a friday night in the bay area way-back-when. Well, this wasn't quite like that... it had the obvious "you're now in texas" kinda feel, and a slightly older crowd... but it was unpretentious and a nice place to throw back some drinks and kick some people's asses at pool... so it was a good time. We asked about South Beach, and the comments were "oh, no, don't go tonight... that's where all the 18 year olds are" (of course, this piqued my interest) but they said it was an $8 cover and a HUGE line, and that was an issue for us. At least, it was while we were sober. After our drinks, etc, last call was coming up, and we were no longer hampered by our senseless sensibilities (thanks to Bombay and Grey Goose), so we trotted ourselves over to the beach.

Okay... this makes most clubs in the bay area look terrible. It's pretty fuckin cool. It's like a blend of circuit party and rave (in my opinion... I haven't been to a rave recently) but it seems mostly alcohol fueled (I could be wrong)... but it didn't fail in the eye-candy promises that had been heard... lots of cute bois of all variations between muscle and twink, and a significant number of them pretty fuckin cute. We threw back a couple more drinks, Rebecca managed to rip my shirt off (she was now drunk) and we stayed until about 3am. We then walked to what is apparently the traditional post-party hangout, Katz's, and had some sandwich.

We may do it again tonight, since we now have the get-in-free cards for SB from JR's... but no promises... I don't want to look horrible on my first day visiting the Houston office :P

Oh... and Austin managed to send me a text message last night, saying that he's really hurt and that he loves me and is ready to talk. *sigh*... very, very hard... I still love him desperately... but since I'm not at home, I'm not burried in thoughts about him... I've gotten it off of my mind, and I'm kinda happy about that... and since my comments tend to be very based in how I feel at the moment, I'm afraid that I would come off more detached than I really am (I'm by no stretch over him... I'm just not faced with constant reminders about him). I chose to not respond immediately, and just take my fun night out for what I could... but he deserves a response as much as I felt I needed one. We'll see what happens.
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