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Tarot: Tell me about my relationship with Austin...

Just for kicks, I started an online Tarot reading... then when the first two cards were just too applicable to pass up, I actually paid the extra $4 for the whole thing.
<table> FWIW, I know that it's as much a matter of mapping the cards drawn into one's life as it is the cards themselves... but I still found it way interesting. :)


The Heart position reveals personal tendencies, romantic attitudes, goals, or intentions that may have an affect on your perspective, the results, or course of action.

The Ace of Swords in this position suggests that you may think things through logically before you speak or act, and may take pride in a reputation for standing up for yourself; being strong willed and understanding; reasonable; dependable, or free of mind games, and you may not long tolerate being "disrespected" without putting up a fight, defending your knowledge, point, or perceptions, or asserting your rights. Being a person of clear and independent thinking at this time, you may enjoy witty, intelligent, but private conversations, perhaps online or via cell, where you can more freely or anonymously, yet formally, express your thoughts, direct the questioning, or take the initiative. The trusted, documented, or spoken word, number, or evidence, as well as a need to be validated for your personal convictions might be of more or convincing value to you than the intangible or romantic goo goo eyes, but tending to keep score, or to hold others to such high expectations or moral conduct, you could resort to excuses, sarcasm, threats, arrogance, or vindictiveness as a form of judgment or punishment in defense of your own point of view, even if it is legitimate or credible in its own right.

In general, the Ace of Swords is the Primordial Energy of Air, and it represents the cool intellect that can give a sense of order to the chaotic. It asks you to be assured that victory could be at hand.
Issues of control, force, or focus can determine whether or not your victory is negative or hollow, or a positive beginning whereby a "champion" may be brought forth. Whoever holds this "Sword" has the power to cut to the chase, cut through the fog, make his or her point clear, and has the ability to convince others to agree with him or her.


This Is Now

The This Is Now position includes current status, motives, situation, or phase of your relationship, as well as a potential outcome and suggestions for making the most of present circumstances.

The Justice (reversed) in this position suggests that no one ever said life was fair, but blaming, making excuses, demands, or focusing on the shortcomings of others isn't going to help make your relationship or love life any better, and in fact, could put you on the spot, lead you to question your convictions, or to pay a high price for emotional or legal indignities, principles, or proceedings. Stick to the point.

In general, the Justice suggests that there is a natural adjustment towards balance. On the surface, this can be thought of as justice through human law, but more universally, it is Karma or Divine Law. For every action has a reaction; every cause has an effect; every beginning has an end. This is the universe's way of maintaining or restoring equilibrium, balance and harmony. The card of Justice suggests the balance between the abstract or creative directly applied to the practical and realistic.
Truth, clarity, simplicity, self-awareness, and authentic self-confidence are central to Justice.
Ultimately, through Justice, every form of energy must be directed to the full satisfaction of its destiny. It is being suggested that you weigh carefully any and all factors, and points of view, as well as listening to your inner guidance, before taking action or attempting to resolve a pending matter.


That Was Then

The That Was Then position offers insight into a possible prior issue, situation, or relationship that might have an influence on your perspective, direction, or current concerns within your love life.

The Nine of Swords in this position suggests that while you might have been pretty good at hiding your insecurities, weakness, guilt, or vulnerabilities behind either a rosy persona or aloofness, there was a chance that you could have crossed your own line of acceptable behavior by lowering your standards or getting in over your head. Keeping a stiff upper lip by day or until everything was in order, you may then have retreated into the safety of your reclusive comfort zone, or into solitude with your memories or phobias, where, at that time, you might have let loose with cruel self-recriminations; despair; shame; anguish, or regret over something you might have done, forgotten, remembered, or lost. Waves or convulsions of self-pity; torture; visceral remorse, or emptiness could have accompanied a secret admission or the acknowledgement of a painful truth, and in those laborious moments, you might have thought that you just couldn't go on like this anymore, but it was then that you could have let go of negative patterns. Once the long, lonely night of soul-searching or guidance had passed; so too, may this crisis of conscience or faith, left you with only sharp or harsh reminders of your suffering, sacrifice, rude awakening or personal failures, and maybe the understanding that your tears or fears wouldn�t be able to recover what was gone or over. At least until the next time; for the grief, thorns, injustice, or shattered illusions may still hang over your head, and like an unsolved or repeating nightmare, you may be doomed to repeat this cycle or haunting until you forgive or accept yourself; reconcile your past; change your perceptions; or confront victimization, anger, depression, sorrow, or loss that may be have had an affect on your love life or relationship, or its lack thereof.

In general, the Nine of Swords is Cruelty or Suffering, and can represent obsessive thinking, or fears, and the ultimate grasping at hope once you see the worst is over, the event has occurred, and the healing can begin.
The Nine of Swords asks that you recognize the possibility that you, or someone else, is suffering from depression, turmoil, or anxiety. There may be loss and suffering, or hidden medical or legal matters that you may be trying to cope with alone. You can overcome this despair and be made stronger as a result, if you let another in to share your burden. If you can just make it through the night, the dawning day can bring fresh hope.


Close Encounters

The Close Encounters position, and not necessarily your current partner, can point to a role model, rival, advisor, past lover, prevailing attitudes, interference, or level of experience of someone else who may be involved, on your mind, encountered, or affected by your situation.

The Three of Wands (reversed) in this position suggests that you be wary of someone who may present themselves to you as able to show you the way to manifest your dreams. He or she may claim great visions, premonitions, "inside information" or an ability to rally others of similar mind behind them, or may claim to be on the threshold of success, and only needs your "input" to make it happen. He or she may come across as overly confident or even arrogant, but you need to know that this person will ultimately fail to deliver. Consider your plans carefully and be sure you are seeing from a clear perspective for this person might be in the business of "sucker spotting." Keep your own hopes realistic, trust your intuition and you won't be let down, or taken on board this ship of fools.

In general, the Three of Wands is Virtue and Character, and it can represent power, consolidation, determination, and success. This card asks that you recognize that your patience may be paying off. Things may be falling into place, and any assistance you may have been counting on is on its way.
Now, more than ever, be sure you are not wasting energy on the minutiae, for if you get sidetracked, you could find yourself starting all over again, and losing your patience or your resources to boot! Keep watch, and keep hope.


Hints and Tips

The Hints and Tips position offers alternate perspective, possible solution, outcome, or course of action, as well as practical advice or reminders for determining your next move.

The Five of Swords (reversed) in this position suggests that at this time, it may be best to leave well enough alone; let sleeping dogs lie; leave the skeletons in the closet; bury a stormy past, grudge, or love triangle, or to at least publicly, take the moral high ground, for issues or memories of disrespect; abuse; cheating; trickery; retreat; being left out, screwed, or the victim of arrogant or misleading tactics or defeat may be lying right below the surface as a tempest in a teapot. Opening this can of worms may bring everyone down, especially if the focus turns to the defection of a previous ally in favor of the wounded or guilty party, who, together may have actually had the last laugh if your single-minded efforts to score; win; get even, or be vindicated; backfired or brought them together in the first place. Keep your information or knowledge of a truth hidden or to yourself, and just privately enjoy any personal victory without resorting to public embarrassment, revenge, drama, or humiliation for seeking to avenge or punish a perceived wrong. Ironically, you all may have dug your own graves, or incriminated yourselves in this one, so there really can be no "winner," and therefore, nothing to gloat, laugh, or cry about now. Let it go, for it isn't worth it.

In general, the Five of Swords is Defeat, and can represent the attitude of War. It also can remind you of the worst, most negative, harmful thing you ever did in the moments before you felt remorse, pity, guilt, shame, or perhaps, even awareness.
The Five of Swords asks that you proceed cautiously, for there may be deception, selfishness, or disgrace afoot. This could lead to destructive behavior, loss of reputation, or an unethical victory, perhaps regarding something to do with the law, health, or a relationship.


Where Am I Headed

The Where Am I Headed position includes future possibilities, potential outcome, or upcoming developments in your relationship or love life based on current conditions and influences, as well as presenting suggestions for making the best of any anticipated transition.

The Six of Wands in this position suggests that the gang may all turn out to see you off, lead you to a surprise, or shower one of their own who makes it. That one may be you. A wedding, parade, romantic date, successful conception, move, or other elevation in status, rank, performance, or luxury that separates you or puts you momentarily a cut above the rest or in a superior position, could find you dressed in your finery, traveling in style, on top, or leaving your past behind. You could be riding high; the center of attention, or getting all the glory, but expect your fifteen minutes of fame to also include some nervous or sexual tension, and, in the trenches, an unequal balance of supporters and those who wish for your failure; who may see you as an undeserving phony, or a target for their own frustration or lack of romantic success. It is this latter group that may harbor growing resentment, jealousy, or use gossip or negative publicity to try to bring you down, but even this group may be momentarily distracted by your presence or performance, if for no other reason than that they admire your courage for treading through unfriendly or unfamiliar territory. At that time, arrogance, snobbery, or contempt towards the "little people," the "have nots," or the ones you leave behind, or rubbernecking or pretending not to notice opposition or old flames, all the while thinking "glad it's not me" or "let them eat cake" might assure a revolt by previous or current competition; rivals; lovers, or peers who could otherwise look up to you or be happy for you.

In general, the Six of Wands is Victory or Success, and it can be seen as positive action, changes, and moving forward out of the restlessness that comes when results have been seen, and you want to keep going strong.
The Six of Wands suggests a time for recognition, good news, and perhaps, celebration, a coming home, or send off. There could be delays, however, if you are relying on others for this opportunity. Remember the importance of patience, and don't forget those who helped you get where you are, or you may not be riding on your "high horse" for long. "All hail the conquering hero."


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