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Dood! I've always understood that my 401k was pretty much the only thing going for me in terms of my retirement (fact is, I'm not exactly a saver)... so when thinking about my retirement, 401k was the only thing that came into the equation.

Well apparently at HP, I have a pension! It's pretty sweet, too! Supposedly, by the time I'm 55 (though I can't pull off of it until I'm 65), assuming I stayed with HP, I'd have $3 Million in retirement! Phuckin A!

Unfortunate truth is that I probably won't stay with HP for the next 30 years (well, technically it's only 25 more... that's not so long ;)... but it's still interesting to think about... and I already have some level of investment in the plan that's mine already, no matter what (though again, I can't touch it until I'm 65 without serious consequence).

That's pretty nifty... it's funny how if you can manage to stay in the club (notice the word "manage"), HP actually takes pretty good care of it's own :)
Update: Okay... I'm totally on crack... it'd only be about $300K... but that's still pretty good... especially since it's 100% free money :)
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