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The Demise of Carly

I suppose since I work for the company and have the icon, I have to post it.

HP board dismisses Fiorina

I have to admit... despite the things that I do/did disagree with her on, I would still follow her into the grave. She's a corporate rock star, dynamic personality... and you get the impression she's simply an incredible person. I didn't necessarily agree with the Compaq merger... and actually voted by proxy against it... but at the same time, she did manage to pull off one of the largest corporate mergers in history without any of the issues that every analyst and MBA in the world said would happen. Maybe we haven't had the astronomical cost savings that was hoped (though I'm not one to really know)... but truth be told, merging to get yourself to the top doesn't mean you're going to stay there.

Carly inherited 90% of the troubles HP faces... she didn't create them... and she's done everything she can to fix them. I think the larger problem tends to be HP's OTHER management, which are very stuck in very old-school ways of thinking. HP doesn't know how to be nimble... it doesn't know how to be revolutionary (with the exception of HP Labs, perhaps). I've felt HP has lost it's prime a long time ago, but I still have hope that it can regain it... that the good people that do work here can see the light and make changes that change. HP is NOT dead... it just hasn't been running as hard as it can.

I'm sad to see Carly go. I loved her leadership. I wish that I could have met her (as so many of my coworkers did)... and it will be interesting to see what she does next. Maybe I'll apply there instead. :P

(This is a personal opinion, and in no way reflects the opinions of Hewlett-Packard Company, it's employees, shareholders, or management)
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