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LiveJournal Rant

Ya know... there's a lot of things I'd really like to post on LiveJournal... those things that you really want to say and actually have someone hear you say it... but not anyone you know. I'd say things about friends, roommates, boyfriends, enemies... things that are politically incorrect, whorish, gross...things about my job, my life, and the workings of the world.

But I can't. Too many people actually read this pathetic little spoof of an online diary. There'd be backlash, and lots of it. Alienation, indignation, resentment, anger, annoyance, judgement.... all enemies of outright honesty. Even those rants that are just venting, that in truth you don't really mean and you honestly hope will never happen (but sure feel damn good to get out of your mind) aren't acceptable... the fact that they're just the momentary antics of a volcano vent blowing off steam somehow doesn't translate well to the online medium.

I've even thought about creating some friends-groups of people I specifically DON'T know... the "no one that actually cares" group... the "can't piss these people off" group... the "what these people think doesn't matter to me" group... but there's way too much possibility for reposting, email sharing, or for the connections to otherwise be made. It's a small fuckin world out there, folks... make no mistake... your social circle REALLY DOES reach that person you've never met... somehow.

I'd told myself when I started this that I'd be honest in it... no holds barred. Yeah... right. I may occasionally miss the social niceties that people expect... but I'm smart enough to know that THAT one isn't true. No... fact is, you can't be honest in LJ. It just doesn't work.
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