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The Bestest EVER

Valentines day this year fucking rocked. Austin had some things to take care of, but showed up in the early afternoon, intentionally giving me time to make sure work was handled. We gave each other cards and simple-yet-sweet gifts, then headed off to the Metreon. We grabbed some food, grabbed some video games, and then grabbed our seats. We saw Boogeyman (not the best movie, but Jason was right... if you're gonna see it, do it in the theatre... it'll prob suck on TV). Afterward we headed over to The View in the Marriott and had a bottle of champaigne and a cheese plate (we chatted with the waitress for a bit, found out she was on the early shift and was going to be missing out on the good tips of the night, which sucks if you're working a holiday. She said "you guys are really sweet... the cheese plate is on me"... it was extremely nice... so we returned the favor in tip, and "made [her] day"... pay it forward :). Then we came home and just hung out watching TV until it was time to crash. Somewhere in there is some of the best sex we've ever had, too... :)

The good part here isn't what we did though... it's how it felt. It was close, intimate, casual, unpretentious, comfortable, and intense, all at the same time. If Valentines day is intended to make your SO feel special (aside from selling Hallmark cards), then this is how being made to feel special is supposed to feel.

It was just truly the best day. Not only did Valentines Day NOT SUCK, but lived up to the intense pressure that comes with it. Good times. :)
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