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On Valentines Day Austin and I were hanging out, and I asked to play with his glasses for a second. I put them on and took a glance down to Market St. (We were at The View at the top of the Marriott).... and I realized I could see something clearer. There was a lit sign at the bottom that from the distance was a bit blurry... I couldn't make out the letters. I've always had perfect vision, but in the past few years things have slowly gotten a bit more blurry... but I didn't think anything of it. "Lights always have that distorting glow around them," I said to myself. But no blurry glow with Austin's glasses. Uh oh. Time to check da eyes.

And behold... my vision is no longer perfect. I'm now a flawed human being... my perfect has been corrupted (HA!). Anyway, yeah, my script is SUPER small (Left: .75; Right: .5) but when I focused, it was amazing how different it was.... I could see those little letters! The Dr. said I'd pass a DMV test, so not to stress over it... but since my insurance has no minimum requirements I figured, hell, lets get the glasses. So I picked out some Prada frames (of course, with Austin's assistance) and apparently my insurance provides Transitions lenses for free on request, yeah, we'll go with those. (there was discussion about Transitions lenses changing SO slowly... but apparently the 4th generation (the ones available since 2002) change in about a minute... I can handle that. In truth I don't think I'd want it faster anyway... they'd fade in and out with every tunnel and shadow.) Only caveat is that my insurance mandates that THEY grind the lenses... so I have a 2 week delay in getting them... but for the savings, I'm fine with it.

Once again I'm happy to have insurance... WAY cheaper. Even for Prada. ;)
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