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Back in Houston

I believe I said once upon a time that if Austin and I broke up, I'd go back to Houston. Well... no. Hasn't happened. Austin and I are good... but Rebecca's coming home! YAY! I told her I'd drive back with her if she wanted, so she said she wanted and got me a ticket out (thank you, frequent flyer miles).

So now I'm sitting here waiting for her to finish packing. I tried to help and she said "I kinda have a weird system to all of this." ...translation... "Stop! You're doing it wrong!" ;). That's okay... I don't mind being told NOT to do stuff. :P

Soon we'll be heading out west, back to the homeland of gay and gay. Three to four days of driving, four states, a fag and his hag. Love it! :)

"Great... just what the world needs... a cock, on a rock, in a frock." ;)
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