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Recap: Day 1

Well, Rebecca and I have managed to make it 2/3 across the HUGE state of Texas. We're in some little tiny town in a Holiday Inn Express getting beautiful and ready to leave.

I've been using Microsoft Mappoint to plot our course ("Make it so!"). The original plan was to just book ass across three states on I-10 to LA and take I-5 north... but further looking (and some alien discussion) made me notice that we're going to be passing right by Roswell, New Mexico. 'becca's always wanted to go there, and her son would love to know her momma talked to the aliens... so doing a quick calc, we find out it's less than 50 miles out of our way... sure... lets swing by.

But wait! Mappoint then redirects us up north a bit... across through Flagstaff, AZ... and right past... Las Vegas! Well... doing Roswell AND Las Vegas only takes us 100 miles off of our original trip! Dayam! Lets do it! Woohoo! We're talking about maybe taking in a show (HUGE Cirque fan here) or doing some spa treatments (mmmmm... massage...)... little gambling... maybe go home rich. ;)

So Thelma and Luise are making a break for aliens and sin city. This is turning into an interesting trip! :)
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