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post Chris Rock


Previous Entry post Chris Rock Jan. 4th, 2004 @ 10:23 am Next Entry
So Chris Rocked. :) That's simple :P

I went to dinner with my friends (Mike, Mykee, Rebecca) and we went to CPK and went through two bottles of wine and a huge dinner, launging CONSTANTLY. Honestly... I think dinner was my favorite part... Then we went to the show... the opener was really funny... and Chris was too. I had this severe problem tho with my post-alcohol effects, were about an hour in, I was basically falling asleep. That's just the way it works... alcohol wears off, chris passes out. Simple. not good when you've paid good money to watch someone for 2 hours. But he was really funny for what I heard :) (I'd go into details, but there's not much to tell... he stood on stage and talked... we listened and laughed. He was good. End of story :P)

The one thing that DID severely annoy me (and yes, I'm putting this in a public forum) was Mykee's CONSTANT need to whistle during the entire performance. It was one of those super-duper shrill whistles that you always wish you could do when you're flagging down a taxi in new york, or when you don't want to yell, but still get someone's attention three blocks away... but he did it after EVERY joke... and he sat right next to me, so it was basically in my ear. I wouldn't even have complained if he'd done it to his heart's content at the CLOSE of the show... but ugh. I guess on the flip side, if anything were going to keep me awake, that'd have been it :P

We went to a party after that put on by someone that I've been told by several people is just The Shit... sweet... cute... compassionate... personable... funny... ... so I had to meet this guy. I knew going in that it would be a short visit ("meet this boy, and leave")... and that's pretty much what it was. There were a lot of cute guys there, and a lot of guys I knew (there's overlap there... how much I won't say)... but again, we didn't stay long, which is just fine. However, I did meet the boy, and he set off no alarms, and seemed to actually be a nice guy... so I guess there is something to all those rumours ;) I so won't go there tho... it'd be really disrespectful to my friends that are obviously sprung on the boy... plus, I'm not sure where I am right now, and I don't want to break such a beautiful thing. :)

So tonight I'll prob go to dinner at the TI house... I got the invite... so I suppose I should show. I've missed them anyway... they were good guys... even if their company is sometimes... questionable. (so's mine, I guess :P)

I really should make some serious attempt to do that work I've been telling myself I was going to get done for the past two weeks... and/or maybe even just check my work email so there are no surprises tomorrow...
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