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Previous Entry Ramblings Mar. 17th, 2005 @ 10:19 am Next Entry
Just some personal thoughts: (TMI warning)
  • I'm sick of being sick. I'm firmly over the flu... no question about it... but the bronchitis and sinus infection are now officially kicking my ass. I've been on antibiotics since Monday, and hopefully those are making some progress... but if they are, it's so incremental that it's difficult to notice or appreciate. To be perfectly honest, despite being very non-party-boy-mood-ish, I want to go out and have a fucking drink with my friends and my boyfriend without feeling embarrassed about caughing up a lung and making someone feel like they're going to accidentally catch SARS.
  • I think I hate my desktop computer. It's fast, make no mistake... but it's been flaking lately, just randomly deciding to turn itself off uncontrollably (mind you, I didn't say crashing). I think I just found the problem... harddrive failure. That would explain the complete loss of email files. But wait... I have a RAID-0 mirror on there... physical HD failure shouldn't be a problem... what gives? The RAID controller didn't complain... hrm... lets unplug everything unnecessary, including one of the mirror drives. Everything works. Lets plug the drives back in and sync them... oops, failure at 86%. Must be the drive I unplugged, since everything worked fine prior to the unplug. Put the drive on another channel and do hardcore checks with misc tools (including vendor tools)... no problems. Uh oh. Must be the other drive... you know... the one I'm now relying on for my data? Joy. Initiate emergency recovery processes. Starting Step 1: "Fuck Fuck Fuck."
  • I feel like a schmuck for those that have been good to me and called to ask me out to do things (specific spawrhawk and jetboyca, both of which have called on more than one occasion). I'm a complete lame-o for not answering the phone (sorry mikey) or for not feeling well enough to actually participate in the rare desire to go out (sorry mark). I miss having a life (see first item above).
  • Personal sense of self-worth is somewhat better. Financial picture improved significantly with the unfortunately wise move of pulling a loan off of my 401k to eliminate a really stupid predatory loan. Starting coconut shell game with remaining balances to get to 0% APR on everything. Remaining debt should be easily reduced without cramping life too much. God I've been an idiot with my finances in the last year. To think, I was 100% debt free when I moved to the city (except car, which I accept as a typical credit purchase). Stupidity strikes at random.
  • Thinking I really need to focus on my resume briefly. Have a decent possibility of a job at the Gap if I were to work for it... payscale and scope concerns though. It'd be nice to work for a company that just might have an employee discount that I'd actually take advantage of (my opinion of how Banana's clothes fit me would unquestionably go up if they were 50% less in price). It's just so much easier to stick with a stable status-quo.
Now returning to our regularly scheduled job...
Current Mood: okayokay
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Date:March 18th, 2005 03:53 am (UTC)
> deciding to turn itself off uncontrollably

i've surprisingly had this happen to me twice. once it was a NIC that must have been drawing too much juice causing the power supply to shut off. Pulled it out and all was right with teh world.

The other was on my AMD box. Power supply couldn't keep up or was defective. Good thing was, once I changed out the power supply with an overpowered one, it solved the random BSODs I would get!

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