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Not finding swiffer pads at Walgreens (despite the fact that they sell the liquid)
:: annoying
Getting Safeway delivered and forgetting to order pads
:: frustrating
Taking Muni to Safeway just to learn they're sold out
:: infuriating
Finding an unopened box under the kitchen sink

Secondary issue: I hate hardwood floors. Hate, hate, HATE them. They show every little tiny speck of dirt that comes in the door on someone's feet, and since I don't feel like investing in area rugs (tertiary question: why does it make people so happy to have hardwood floors when the first thing they're going to do is cover them with an area rug to 1' away from the wall?) hardwood floors don't work for me. I just hate them. Granted, carpets may as a whole harbor more ick than floors do, but you can vacuum that. It goes away. No problem. Plus, when it does get dirty, it doesn't show it, and it doesn't stick to your feet and feel icky. HATE hardwood floors. Dustmops and swiffers help, but a hardwood livingroom floor is no kitchen, and wet-mopping isn't a great idea. HATE hardwood floors.
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