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I must... I must...


Previous Entry I must... I must... Dec. 8th, 2003 @ 06:05 pm Next Entry
Ya know... it consistently amazes me... I come home or feel otherwise stressed out... I sit there staring at my work email for a few minutes until I realize I have absolutely NO motivation whatsoever, and then begin to feel this antsy feeling slowly work up my legs and realize that I should go running. I go to the gym... turn on the treadmill and make my first insincere attempt to fight the "why are you doing this to yourself" feeling... I start my warmup walk and fight to keep from being thrown off the back of the track... after a few minutes I work into it and start my run... it the breathing gets harder... the legs start to remember what running should feel like... the hesitance of the body slowly falls into a predefined glide that feels like it's made of steel and grease... I fall into a zone that lets me focus on a single dot on the wall and forget the world exists... it's just not there... I'm running for that point... that destination in my mind... and ignore reality falling behind as the cooling system of sweat starts dripping off my brow and stinging my eyes... then I make the one fatal flaw and look at the distance travelled... ONE FUCKING LAP?!?! WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THAT?!? Well, that's what I get for not running during the weekend... it's amazing how stopping for two days can help your body remember how comfortable laziness is. I make my two miles, pushing the whole way, get off, wipe the machine (like THAT'S sanitary), and slowly make my way to the car so my legs (which now feel like jelly) can somehow manage to keep enough rigidity to push the pedals and drive me home.

What's the point? The point is that after this, I feel GREAT! I've done enough *cough* stuff *cough* to know that this is better than almost any 'stuff' I've tried. My mood goes up... my energy goes through the roof... (both of which are helped by the euphoric trance blasting out of my car stereo loud enough to provide the people INSIDE the gym with a good bass beat).

I just gots this to say... if I could find something in a pill, powder, or liquid that made me feel this good, I'd probably go for it.

Is this addictive?

Is addiction to this a bad thing? ;)
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