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Jetting to Napa...


Previous Entry Jetting to Napa... May. 9th, 2005 @ 09:05 am Next Entry
Austin had plans with family this weekend... so a bumping in to jetboyca Saturday morning allowed immediate planning for a trip to Napa for wine tasting on Sunday. Some coordination with Rebecca, and the trip was on.

jetboyca picked me up at home around 10:30ish, and we headed up. My only true request was Domaine Carneros, as I love their "Le Rêve" sparkling wine. A few glasses of wine each, some cheese, and some caviar (nothing works with good sparkling like some fish eggs), and you suddenly have two suckers more than willing to sign up for the wine club. Woohoo! We should ALL have at least one bottle of champagne every couple of months anyway. ;)

(At this point, Rebecca and her fiance are trying to head up and are completely clobbered in traffic... it's almost 1pm... told them that I loved them and thanks for the effort, but it was probably best for them to just head back... potential value of the trip was diminishing with every passing second. Thanks for trying, babes... we'll do it again soon :)

My needs met, jetboyca suggested (after browsing the map) we just head over to Silverado Trail and see what looks good. There was a ton of stuff along the trail, and we could stop at the places we knew or just looked good. First we stopped Clo du Val, where jetboyca had experienced an orgasm-inducing Cab. Yummy things... I ended up buying a bottle or two (I honestly don't remember at the moment) of their Merlot, and eventually a couple bottles of their Reserve Chard. They were both good, and I was torn initially... but figured there'd be a ton more good Chard to be had further up the road... but boyfriend called later and specifically asked about their Chardonnay, so back we went (thanks jetboyca).

Couple more places (Quintessa wines are TERRIBLE this year... don't bother), and eventually found myself getting a tour of the Culinary Institute of America's Chef's Store, training kitchen (read: HUGE FUCKING KITCHEN), and then we headed up to the restaurant at the school. Beautiful place, excellent food, but (and I think this tends to be a general tendancy with me) the dessert was the killer. Chocolate lava cake with vanilla. Perfecto! :)

By the time we got to dinner I was already running out of steam... a bottle or so of various yummy wines and an good intellectual conversation left both my brain and my body exhausted. Despite the rain, it was a great, great day. Must do more sometime :)
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