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Vegas Anniversary...

We're Back! Vegas was awesome... probably the best time I've ever had there (and I'm a seasoned veteran). Here's the basic breakdown...
  • Getting there: We got there on time, and everything was terrific. No missed flight. There was some confusion with Austin's name on the flight (since "Austin" is his middle name, not his first), but everything got worked out just fine.
  • Checkin: We'd asked for a smoking room (we're in Vegas, we're going to smoke, and we're not going to feel bad about it). We got in REALLY late (12:30am or something), so they'd given our room away... but they can put us in this other room for free. Austin says "awww...but it's our anniversary... we were hoping for something a little more special"... I say "What's the lowest room you can give me with the hottub?" The guy at the desk smiles and says he'd be right back... and he comes back and says "I have one smoking room left with a hottub... it will cost you a little more, but with your play(ers club status), it's still an incredible deal. I can give you this one... (points at best publicly-available room on the list... 1,100 sq. ft...). We both looked at each other with glee, and happily said yes. Austin was FLOORED (I'd seen it before, but this time I was happy to be there for a full 3 nights). He likes to say "I went into the bathroom, stretched my arms out and spun around a-la Mary Tyler Moore, and couldn't touch ANYTHING!".
  • Tourist Day: Saturday we ended up just walking around and checking things out. I like playing tour guide, and we touched several of the machines along the way. We'd dressed up, so we looked good walking through all of the casinos, and eventually made it to Belaggio to pick up our "O" tickets. Played my Monopoly machine (yes, I have a machine, but it seems to move around casinos. So it's not Wheel of Fortune, but it's still my favorite slot... why can't it just stay put and wait for me?!), then went to the show. Along the way we decided to stop at Bally's and play Jacks-or-Better (fave video poker game) at the bar and have a couple of drinks. We met this guy named Brett who chatted us up a bit before commenting about how he was Bi. Good for you. :P He was still a closet case though (the way he said in direct conversation... "...I mean... you guys are gay, right?". I appreciate being cautious... but he was protecting his own reputation... not ours. :P
  • "O": If you haven't seen "O", and you're looking to see Cirque for the first time, it's the one to see. We had the best seats I think I've ever gotten in my life (somethin like, 5 rows from the front)... though I was happy to see us a bit out of the way from the clowns (they're fun to watch, but I don't want to get wet, thank you). Austin loves water, and had never seen any Cirque at all. He spent the entire time saying "oh SHIT!" and "holy FUCK!" (in a good way ;). I don't think the people next to us minded... they were equally floored. It was my 4th time seeing it, but the seats made all the difference. Nosebleeds suck.
  • Pool Day: Sunday was the lounge-by-the-pool day. Standard terrific hot Las Vegas sun, and a bar. What more could we ask for? :) Austin met this couple from Morgan Hill that seemed cool... a lot of alcohol goes a long way in this respect though ;). We invited them to go see Penn & Teller with us, which they arranged through the Players Club (tellinya folks... this is THE WAY TO GO in Vegas). Pool time was fun though, no question about it :)
  • Penn & Teller: After watching their show, Bullshit, on Showtime on-demand for the past month, this was an exciting chance to see them live. Personally though, I was a little disappointed with the show. Penn talks too much (though I would say that Teller's lack of talking as always, works to his advantage). The tricks and satire was funny though, and showing how the jokes worked (if you go, check out the boxes... I can't believe I missed it). The best part was that after the show, they did the meet-the-audience thing! This tells me they're SO not above themselves at all... that they're level and cool and know who it is that makes them good: the fans. Austin got pictures Penn as we ended up heading off to dinner. He realized as we were seating that he missed Teller, and ran back. The rest is Austin's story, so ask him about it... think Austin, Dressing Room, and Teller in Boxers. Go. ;)
  • Dinner at Rio: After the show, we were HUNGRY. We spent the time that we'd budgeted for food on gambling before the show at Rio. (our goal was the buffet, commonly referred to as the best in vegas... but the roulette wheel was calling Austin's name, which was good considering he walked away with 10x his original cash-wad.) I walked into the resturaunt and asked for "the biggest lobster you have in that tank out there". The menu said "1, 2.5, and 3.5 lb" lobsters were available. Okay... 3.5lb... I'm hungry... that sounds good. What do they bring me? A 4.5lb MONSTER lobster! This thing could have eaten ME! At that point though, they'd called my bluff, and I had to go through with it. The claws were the best part... the tail meat was tough (tends to happen as they get older). I feel guilty... a lot of it got tossed... but I learned my lesson: no more asking for the biggest of ANYTHING in vegas. :P By this time, the couple we met at the pool was showing their true colors... and Austin and have since renamed them to Nick and Jessica. The best part was when Jessica was talking about something for say, 30 seconds, and suddenly her face went blank, her eyes got big, her mouth dropped open, and she said (in the blondest way possible): "Oh my gawd... I totally forgot what I was saying!" Now, this happens to all of us... but mid-sentence... without interruption... on your own? That's a bit extreme. Later Austin was talking to her boyfriend and had some private discussion about how "she doesn't know where Tuna comes from, does she?". Nick and Jessica... thanks for the jokes. ;)
  • Gambling: At this point, we really hadn't put our real effort into the gambling thing. Sure, there was some 30 minute stints here and there (including Austin's big win), but no real effort was applied... it was all about killing time waiting for the next scheduled event. But here we are, Sunday night, leaving tomorrow, so it's time to throw down some cash. We get to the room from Penn & Teller (having ditched Nick and Jessica at the Belaggio fountains), and decide to go downstairs for maybe an hour... not quite thoroughly exhausted yet. About 5 hours later, Austin's learned that roulette doesn't always pay so well, and I've learned that basic strategy for blackjack is better than any "gut feeling" I might have. We're playing $10 hands so I don't plunk down my players card until someone mentions that NY, NY doesn't require a minimum bet to get rated... FUCK! I could have gotten credit for sitting there for 3 hours! I still had fun, but comps are where it's at!
  • Departure Day: Well... we only got 3 hours of sleep before the required check-out time... but that's okay... we can sleep on the plane. We hand our bags off to the bell desk and decide to kill the 5 hours until our flight. Blackjack table and roulette again. It takes about 3 hours to really deplete our funds (well... my funds. Austin managed to walk away WAY UP... lucky bastard ;)... but it was fun, and that was the point. Now that I'm out of money (and he's too smart to play his away), we walk to the Belaggio shops (Prada, Prada, Prada) only to discover that the Prada store doesn't carry their men's line. Lame. We walked back to NY, NY, got our bags, and headed for the plane.
  • To the Airport: Cab rides aren't usually a highlight... but when the cabby gets talkative and thinks you're cool, he startes telling you all kinds of stories of things that have happened in his cab... including last night, when a couple asked him if they could have sex in his cab (to which he agreed) and they let him take pictures of it. And beyond that, even if the cabby starts telling you these stories, you don't expect him to SHOW YOU these pictures... but he did. I now remember why I'm gay, thank you. EW! As a gayboy, I'll admit that boobies have some novelty... but the rest of chick equipment is not something I want to play with. I'm okay with that (no offense to any women out there). At the airport, I play a couple of slots to kill the time and end up winning another $100 on the way (I don't know what it is, but I always have good luck at the airport... I remember a business trip to Reno where I was killing time and made $400... but it is a general tendancy for me).
So, we're now back home and life is good. I've missed my bed, and I slept a good 10 hours last night. Austin's at his new job (Congratulations, baby!) and I'm enjoying my intentional vacation-from-my-vacation day sitting here writing a long-ass LJ entry. I may tinker with some work... do the laundry or something... but right now, it's a nice relaxing day.

Good Times... Good Times... :)

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