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Damn you marketing, Damn you!

Walking through the Sony Style store today in the Metreon, I couldn't help but check out a new digital camera that I'd heard Sony had come out with... one of (if not the) smallest digital camera on the market... Then I couldn't help but walk out of the store with one. Oi.

My biggest complaint with my digicam lately has been it's size... when I bought it, I wanted reasonably high quality, and was willing to sacrafice size to a certain degree... but now, with the tinyness of the cameras that are coming out, it's feeling more and more like a brick... so this is a good purchase. Increase in pixel-count, increase in speed, SERIOUS decrease in size (I think new one's about 1/10'th the size of my old one), all for less than I paid for the last one. Sounds like a good deal to me.
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