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iPod mini

I admit it. I bought an iPod mini in blue. I really can't justify this purchase. I've heard a lot of the stories.. "Why buy 4GB for $249 when you can get 15GB for $299?!" The reality is, it's just plain cute. I've been looking for an MP3 player for a while that I can take with me to the gym (back me up here, spawrhawk)... and this appears to be just what I want... small... is USB2... is the coolest one yet... is aluminum (rather than plastic), and holds something like 4 times the amount of music that something of similar size might. That works for me.

So, I spend all this time justifying it... but the reality is I just diverted from my "save money" stance. I need to pay off 2 credit cards. Just 2. But I keep buying shit. And it's annoying. Cuz it makes me feel enslaved to my job. To pay the cards. So I don't need to be buying something that will still be there after I manage to pay the cards off.

But I did... and since I can't just hop over to Apple's site and say "nevermind", I'm willing to accept the effort to call them to be WAY TOO MUCH effort than to just pay for the damn thing. :P

That's okay. I'm sure I'll like it :)
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