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Moved. Welcome Home...


Previous Entry Moved. Welcome Home... Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 12:26 am Next Entry
Well, it's been a long while coming. I've talked about the fact that I was going to move out for quite some time, and it's finally come to pass. I'm now typing this from my bed in my new (old) room. Those that have been paying attention know that this isn't a new place to me... I've moved back in with my friend Craig in his kick-ass house, even getting my old room back. I'll save you the rest of that story.

It was pretty damn fast, too. Hiring people is THE WAY TO GO. I personally did Starving Students, and they had me completely moved in less than 5 hours. Mind you, I had everything basically boxed already, mostly labeled so that I knew where things went, but they managed to handle all of the little intricacies without fault at all. They got my futon out without taking it apart (not something I've managed to do), and get me 99% moved in one day. Kick ASS. In the end, my moving bill (from them) was less than $500, which is well under what I was expecting, and 1/4 of what they were estimating.

I have a few more things to do at the old place... such as cleaning to make sure it's as good as it can be for Jason and innsmouth... but I've managed to have one night of peace and quiet sleep, and I'm looking forward to another.

I've said to several people that Craig's house is the first place I've truly felt "at home" in... not even in my own studio did I have the sense of belonging that I have here. Of course, it's a little rusty right now... 2 roommates have changed... but it's still here, and It's still home to me... but I think my trial run in the city was good. Sometimes you need to be in the middle of it to realize that's not where you want to be.

To top it off, with Austin's new pad in the city, we're officially 15 miles closer than we were before! Granted, there's still some decent freeway in there, but it's still better.

Ugh... so tired... can't bear it anymore... must sleep... good night folks :)
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