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So, I have a reasonable chunk of stock options in HP... but none of them have EVER been worth anything. Well... they have potential worth, but right now, it would cost me more to wipe my ass with them than it costs me to just let them sit gathering dust (as if bits in a computer gather dust).

Well, for the first time in my life, my options have value... and with the stock hovering right between the feelings "It will go higher" and "It's worth it", I'm figuring I can sell what I want to sell and not feel too bad if it does go higher. Besides... it's a limit order... so I'm practically guaranteed to get at least what I consider to be a reasonable price for it.

So, for the first time in my life, I'm executing an options sale. It's exciting... essentially free money. I'm a little concerned about what it might do to me come tax time (I've heard some pretty major horror stories), but at the moment, it feels worth it... so I'm going for it.

Besides... if it does go up, I still have others vesting at a very similar price... so it's not like I'm giving it all up or anything.

But it's exciting to actually get something out of the options that I've essentially written off as a valuable retention tool.
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