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Just got back from the dentist to start the process of finishing off my 6 month long root canal saga... and the final step is a crown. So, the grind down my real tooth to a post (that the crown will be attached to), and do a mold (so it fits pawfektly)... then they put on a METAL TOOTH! I've got a STAINLESS STEEL tooth in my mouth! can you believe that?!?! I'm SO the anti-ghetto, and I've got a chunk of metal in my mouth. that's GREAT :P

I spent all day with one, single song running like wildfire through my head...
"Paw-ty in de ghet-to... in a de ghet-to!"
"Paw-ty in de ghet-to... in-a de ghet-to!"

it feels really weird... fortunately, it's only 10 days until the real thing comes in and I won't be setting off alarms anymore or hearing radio stations in my head (standard jokes :P)
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