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Was it the honesty?

Last night the roommates and I decided to go out to KoC... we wanted to try and work the Librarian out of the new roomie, Beverly. (she's just so CUTE! ;)) We had a good time... I probably had a better time than I should of... (how many people do you need to be seen "being bad" with at a bar before you start to have a seriously bad reputation?) (not that mine's stellar already :P).

Anyway... on the drive home we're rocking out to music, cruising up 101... I'm doing 85... and I look in my rear-view, and there'r lights tailing me. I say "I'm about to get a ticket" to the roomies, kill the music, and slow the car down. At that point I'm sure the cop figured out I had figured out what was going on, because his lights came on, and we all drift over to the side of the road.

He stopped me, asked if I'd been drinking, to which I said "Yes" and told him EXACTLY what I had over the course of the night, including that my last drink was about half an hour ago. He runs me through the sobriety tests and a breatholyzer... asks me if I know what "legally drunk" is ("Yes... .08% BAC, but I believe that I'm sober enough to drive"). "Well, you're at .074... I could arrest you right now." (but he didn't :P) Frankly, I'm not sure he really could have, though I could see combining a JUST-under BAC with wreckless endangerment or something... that could have been bad.

Long and short of it... he let me go. We're all a little shocked in the car... but I'm feeling good about the idea that I didn't play any games AT ALL, and still got off. I dunno if that was incredibly stupid, or incredibly smart, but regardles, the outcome was definately welcome. :)

Now, Chris, lets learn the lesson: Don't go above 75 mph when we've been drinking... ;)

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