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Invisalign Cleaning System?

I'm wondering if I should go the extra mile and buy the Invisalign Cleaning System. It's supposed to do about twice as good at cleaning the aligners, removing stains, etc., and is supposed to be safer for the aligners than practically any other method. The rumor (and what I've somewhat experienced) is that even after brushing the teeth, certain flavors tend to stick around longer, and get embedded in the plastic... things like garlic, for example, and stains are supposed to be practically eliminated.

On the other hand, I replace them every two weeks (so any residual will be GONE at least once every two weeks), and I'll only use it for 9 months or so, though I'm thinking it might still be useful for cleaning my inevitable retainer for much longer than that.

So, my question to you is, is it worth the $100 + $10 every 3 weeks? (The price is almost negligable in comparison with what I'm paying for the treatment itself)
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Is it worth it?

Maybe (see comments)
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