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New York, New York!!!!

Well, I'm officially goin to NYC with studlycaps and jetboyca for the weekend! YAY! studlycaps's already there (or on his way at least)... and I'm not exactly sure what jetboyca's plans are, but we're SO there this weekend at least! I've never, ever, ever been to NYC, so it should be pretty kick ass... just can't wait.

Even better, I'm using miles to pay for my flight... and since it's cross-country, I'd prefer to not do coach (Visiting Rebecca last year ruined me on long flights in coach), so I did all the research I could online to buy a discount ticket for Business class. ("discount" meaning 40K miles round trip, as opposed to the usual 60K for business, or even the 80K for first.) I couldn't find anything that fit my schedule, so I figured "well, maybe the wonderful people on the phone can do some magic.

I think I'm going to call from now on! It cost me an extra $10 to talk to a human being, but the upshot is that I ended up with FIRST CLASS, ROUND TRIP tickets for the SAME PRICE as a discount business class seat! I'M SO FUCKING STOKED IT'S CRAZY!


Pictures from the trip will undoubtedly come soon :)
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