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New York: Day 1.5

The W is fuckin AWESOME. LOVE IT. Very swanky and sexy, New York stylish. They didn't quite have our room ready... so they gave us free drinks at the bar, so we were quite content. Walking up to the room, the walls and doors are all dark mocha or black with a blue neon light over the top of it. Picture a clean version of the Power Exchange, and you've got the right idea. ;)

Last night was interesting. studlycaps and I had a nifty dinner at this place in Chelsea called elmo (yeah, like the furry little guy). Yummy food. New York definately has a little more to it in the "high society" dept than SF do. John says that people actually TRY here... and I agree. I like it. :)

Next we walked to a bar called g (*giggle*). It was a little crazy, and NYC seems to like halloween, because lots of people are in costume. It was a reasonably swanky place with nice little nooks everywhere for drinking your drink... I think I would have enjoyed hanging out there for a while. We met up with Craig right about the time I think I was starting to get a bite on my line, and off to New Opeline, our next stop.

This place sucked. (opinions may vary). It was dirty and icky... like a rave with really lame people. John says it was actually TRYING for some dirty newspaper-blowing-randomly-in-the-street kinda look. Fine. Didn't work for me. It didn't help that in one of the spaces there was some ugly guy jacking off or something. Not pretty.

Last, we were told to try out the Boysroom. I think the description was "Don't go before 1am, and if you haven't hooked up yet, this is the place it'll happen." This gets high marks in raw audacity (and since I like nudity, I'm good for that :P). Their claim to fame is that they have the more naked boys than any bar on NYC, and I think I believe them. They had something like 10 guys (ranging from eh to OH-MY-GOD-FUCK-ME-NOW in hotness), all just barely covering their stuff. We particularly liked a few, such as the one holding his boxers in front of his dick (yes, just holding... they weren't actually on), and another that was wearing a hockey mask (the mask wasn't that great, but the body under it definately was). There was also a super-twink that I personally would have loved to watch riding my dick... but I don't go for bar employees... they're untouchables.... and if you'll reference a previous LJ entry, I'm a touch kinda guy, so while the boys were hot (I woke with residual horniness even), I didn't wanna be around a bunch of things that I could drool over but not eat. ;)

Post-party dinner at the hotel... good nice sleep (the beds are terrific)... breakfast... I'm a happy boy. :)

Now I need to shower up and go buy a charger for my camera, since I forgot mine at elyssa's.... no pictures yet :(

We'll see what tonight brings :)
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