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Old Man Dick.

Why is it that OLD guys at the gym feel the need to walk around completely naked in the gym locker room?

I'm not talking that 35yo-well-kept-fit-hot-cum-fuck-me kinda old (salacious_pop ;)). I'm talking that 50+++-sagging-ass-wrinkled-skin-we're-all-fighting-it-made-Samantha-run-with-food-poisoning kinda old. I mean, they get completely naked, putting their bare ass on the benches, throw their towel over their shoulder, and walk all parkinsons-style to the gym (sorry, as offensive as it is, no offense intended to the parkinsons community). OVER THEIR SHOULDER?! ...and then, of course, coming back, it's around their shoulder again. I can think of at least 3 other positions for that towel that would make me, and probably a significant portion of the str8bois in the locker room MUCH happier.

We already know we're all getting older. I'm happy for you, that you don't care... that you've embraced it. Good for you. However, half the reason I'm here is to do my best to AVOID that look... I don't need reminders.

I'm not saying you should leave... I'm not saying I deserve to be here more than you... I'm not trying to be exclusive or elitist or holier-than-thou. In fact, I promise to ALWAYS put my towel around my waist. Promise.

FWIW... for equality's sake, this does imply that the uber-hotness guys should do the same, and that may not jive with all... but my opinion is one in a sea of many, so I'm willing to take that. Personally, when I'm at the gym I'm not looking to stare anyway, so it's no major loss to not see the hot boy I can't have's wang if it means I don't have to see the other 95%.
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