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I feel a little like Tweek from South Park. I want that phone. sierra_nevada was cruel kind enough to point out that it's at Neiman Marcus for a whopping $899.

I don't know if I can control this one. I've been on a huge spending binge for the past few weeks, and my Amex could really use a day off... but this phone is just *SO* sexy to me... and it's not the everyone-already-has-it RAZR. It's different... and beautiful. It's the Mercedes of cellphones (the Rolls of cellphones is actually made by another company).

I want this phone. WANT. NOW. I've even gone so far as to call Neimans and see if there's a store that has it in stock so that I can hold it in my hands. I've researched online stores to buy it from (I can find it cheaper, but I want a decent return policy unless I really just don't like it, and Neimans has the best). I want this phone. How many times do I have to tell you this?

I'm having a hard time justifying it though, for pretty obvious reasons. Can someone please tell me if it's absolutely Nucking Futs for me to buy this thing? ...or will someone please be the enabler for me to just go out and do it? :) Please?! :)
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