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The second hole...

So, what I've done my best not to mention is that over t-day weekend I managed to get an earring (I wanted people to find out/notice through exposure to me, not through here). Apparently it's tradition in Elyssa's household, and I was participating as one of their own, so I was included. Okay... I'll do it. And I did.

Today I made the biggest mistake EVER. I took it out. And tried to put it back in. And in the rarest of instances, I couldn't find the hole. Er... I could find the ENTRANCE to the hole, but somehow I just couldn't find the EXIT of the hole. In the end, I gave up finding the "old" end, and decided that I wanted the earring enough to just go through with it. It's a piercing-style earring. It's pointy on one end. So I just pushed it through.


So, on the front of my ear, I have one hole... but I'm betting money that on the back, I have two... and maybe an infection, who knows... though I did my best. It does sting/throb as though it's been hurt. *sigh* oh well. At least I've had a bottle-of-wine's worth of alcohol to dull the throbbing pain. ;)
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