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My name is Chris...

Dear World,

You have always been very good to me so far in my life, and I've done my best to be appreciative. I can only hope that that's been apparent. I know I've taken advantage of the life you've given me, but I think you would be offended if I didn't take the things you've given me to their fullest potential and utilization. My point is, I know to some it may appear that I live my life a little over the top, but I would prefer instead to think that I'm simply living within the limits of my life... those limits just happen to be rather large most of the time.

However, I think I now have a problem. I think I have an addiction that I'm not sure I can handle. I think I've begun to take things too far... farther than I might be able to deal with or control. In fact, I think I may already be out of control.

At first it was easy to deal with... a little here... a little there... on the very occasional weekend, I would cut truly loose and go for it all. I always knew I'd have to pay the price eventually, but at the time it was fun and what I wanted to. And yet, as with all addictions, this one has slowly crept up on me, sneaking in and ruining things behind my back. I do more to make me feel better or feel like I'm doing enough to get the rush or satisfy myself, and yet the payback and damage is getting to the point where I may not be able to recover. The price may one day be more than I'm able to pay, and that would be very, very bad.

I know I need to stop... but it's too appealing. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel happy. It makes me feel attractive and exciting. It's gratifying. It has a glamor and appeal that few can deny... but it's sucked me in too far. I need help.

World, I need to know if there's an Abercrombie Anonymous. Please let me know soon. My credit cards can't take much more of this.

Thank you,
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