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Previous Entry NYE Dec. 26th, 2005 @ 10:03 pm Next Entry
So, current plan for NYE is to go with some very cool people to a very cool place and do some very cool things. (some of that is very litteral). Cool. :)

And who should put the coal in my proverbial stocking? None other than the COUNTY OF SAN MATEO. FUN!

I'm apparently scheduled for Jury Duty on Dec. 30th. Right smack in the middle of when I'm supposed to be sitting on my ass doing nothing.

I did the right thing when I got the notice... I sent it back with the section filled out for postponement. The process clearly states that I have to specify a Mon-Thurs date in the next 180 days. For some strangely ironic reason (as I think about it) I chose Feb. 13th (a Monday). NO PROBLEM.

I get a letter back from the jury commissioner... "your request has been denied for the following reason" with a little "X" next to the section that for some stupid reason repeats the "I request postponement to ___________..." statement I filled out before, but right next to it is, in handwritten blue ink, a small addendum... "that is not a holiday". Does this mean that they're upset that I didn't choose a holiday to serve? ...or, are they complaining that the date I chose IS a holiday? ...and if so, which holiday is it? Is Valentines Day now a federal holiday? Did some bitchy, jaded clerk decide to rail against all the male respondants in the office because she didn't get flowers last year? DENY THEM ALL! WTF?!

So... I'm going on my NYE adventure. Period. I'll call in, just like I'm supposed too... but if I'm actually supposed to show up, I just might be in a world of trouble... :P
Current Mood: bitchycunty
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Date:December 28th, 2005 03:11 am (UTC)
i read in the LA times that the worst that happens to people who ignore the notices is a $250 fine... if you're unlucky and they use you to set an example. But since you asked for an extension, which shows that you did receive the notice, I'm not sure how that works. Some states supposedly issue a bench warrant, but I can't imagine the police really have enough time to deal with stupid things like that.
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