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Mercury News: X UTE LVR = KUTELVR


Previous Entry Mercury News: X UTE LVR = KUTELVR Jan. 14th, 2004 @ 02:12 pm Next Entry
OH MY G*D! I've been mentioned in the SJ Mercury News! Someone asked a question of Mr. Roadshow and one of my coworkers caught it... apparently my car appeared on the Drive section of the paper!

Their Q&A says "X UTE LVR", but with DMV saying that plate is available (and hence, will never be seen on the road), and the mention of an Infiniti G35 (my car), it's just too perfect to pass up!

I'm famous! LOL ;)

Mr. Roadshow Q & A (it's toward the upper-middle)

Hello Gary,

A Coworker of mine was browsing your Mr. Roadshow webpage and saw the Q&A below, and thought it too amazing to pass up! I believe the license plate that's mentioned is actually mine... and it's "KUTELVR", not "X UTE LVR"...I'd bet that the angle of whatever picture made the "K" skewed a bit and easy to confuse with an X. We did a quick check on www.dmv.ca.gov and found that "XUTELVR" was available... meaning it couldn't have been seen on the road... and considering I own a 2003 Infiniti G35 SportsCoupe, the coincidence is too hard to ignore :)

That being said, it's probably easy to see what it's REALLY supposed to stand for... "Cute Lover". I would have chosen "KUTELUVR", but went with this instead considering the 7 character limit on plates. "KuteLuvr" has over the past 7 years become somewhat of a global brand for me... I'm "KuteLuvr" on most online chat services (AOL Instant Messenger, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, and IRC), have the vanity plates (obviously... the front one is hanging in my cube at work), and own the domain names (http://www.kuteluvr.com).

(For those curious, the car is a GREAT fun, and still inspires every bit of WOW factor that it did the day I bought it... to the point where friends are simply too scared to ask to drive it, despite their constant desire. I've hit 140MPH on the road, and I can honestly say that I was more afraid of going that fast than it was. It's a GREAT car! :)

Thanks for the mention! Very, very cool :)

BTW... can I get a copy of the picture/article? :)


Q: Recently, on the front of the Drive section of the newspaper, there was a picture of a license plate that was seen on Interstate 280.
The caption was Vanity Fare. The license read XUTELVR. For the life of me I can't figure out what it is supposed to mean. I have asked others, and they haven't a clue. Can you help? This is driving me nuts!

Julie Robertson
Los Altos

A: Think of this as X UTE LVR, an ex-sport-utility lover who was driving a sporty coupe, the Infiniti G35. Vanity Fare comes from license plates spotted by the Drive staff, other folks at the Mercury News and, mainly, from readers who really seem to enjoy the feature. This one was spotted by Drive Editor Matt Nauman, who likes a clever license plate but won't run one that he can't personally interpret.
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Date:January 15th, 2004 04:56 pm (UTC)
OMG I know a celebrity! Can I have your autograph?
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