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Flexible Spending Account

So considering the Invisalign and the way my Dr. told me the billing works, I opted to go with the Flexible Spending Account option in my insurance this year. For those that aren't aware, they take money out of your paycheck BEFORE taxes, and reimburse you for things like copays, medications, and (in my case) the portion of the Dr. fees that insurance won't cover.

There are a few things that I find funny on this list of what's covered... I know there are situations where they're needed, but spelling them out in this just strikes me as... funny... :)
...hrm... I wonder if this includes chinese herbs and voodoo dolls...
Alcohol and drug dependency inpatient treatment
...woohoo! I'm SO going to the club-med of betty ford clinics!
Artificial limbs
...apparently real limbs just aren't acceptable.
Birth control pills
I wonder if I can get them and then ship them to needy trailer trash in the midwest...
Braille books and magazines
...apparently litteracy for those that can actually see isn't considered beneficial...
Christian Science practitioner services
"Hello, Dr., Yes, I think I broke my religion bone..."
Guide dogs
Yay for the ASPCA!
Hypnosis (for treatment of an illness)
Damn! There goes submitting a claim for that hypnotist guy at the county fair...
Legal fees to authorize treatment for mental illness
...assuming you're not so fucked up from your mental illness that you just don't get that far...
Organ transplants
...apparently real limbs ARE covered. Brain transplant, anyone?
Sterilization fees
...remember that midwest comment? Yeah...
Transportation necessary to receive medical treatment
"Taxi! Take me to the airport... but we need to make a pit stop at the ER..."
no... sterilization wasn't good enough. They had to spell it out.
Good times ;)
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