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Urinal Bashers

There are many behaviors in life that baffle me. One of them is the guys that walk into the men's restroom, walk past an entire row of empty urinals, lock themselves in a toilet stall, and proceed to stand up to whiz in the toilet.

Is there something wrong with the urinal? ...is it too high? ...too low? ...does it not provide a large enough target?

Maybe it's their penis? ...is it so small that they can't grasp it enough to aim properly, or simple embarrassment? ...is it so large that when they uncoil it from their bulging pants it falls past the edge of the urinal? ...does it's size force them to stand back so far that they'd block others from passing?

Is it perhaps an issue of sanitation? ...that standing in front of something that they don't need to touch in any way isn't nearly as clean as having to lift the seat up? ...or maybe they don't lift the seat up at all, in which case all I can do is have pity on the next poor fool that sits down.

This is just something I don't get. What would cause you to walk past a series of available devices that are designed to do exactly what you're about to do anyway?
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