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My credit card hurts...

Wow... shopping with kid sister turned into quite the ordeal. Since I'm giving her away at her wedding, I needed a suit that would work for her... and while we definately achieved that, that's not exactly where things stopped...

First stop was A|X... normally I hate their stuff... but it was the first store, so expectations were low. Got a t-shirt, white linnen button-down, and a cute blue and grey beanie. ($)

Next, Coach, where I picked up some really cute shoes. ($)

Next, Tiffany & Co., where I saw a ring I just had to have... but we decided to wait and if I really wanted it we'd come back.

Next, Neiman Marcus, where I got an Armani Collezioni black fitted suit, black Ermenegildo Zegna shoes, and a Georgio Armani, cream colored tie with diagonal textured stripes. Still need to find a black dress shirt that I like, but I'm betting that's easier than the other stuff. (The free champagne while shopping was definately fun! :) ($$$$$)

Lunch at Neimans Cafe followed, where some one night stand I'd had about 7 years ago was our server. We met, had sex, and then he left... no phone number or anything. He told me just before he left that he had a boyfriend. Oops. I don't think he remembered me at all (or was too professional to say anything)... I was fine with that. (but what a coincidence!). My sister laughed when I told her.

Next, Sephora, where sister said I HAD to try this stuff from Jonathan Product, "Dirt". I'll play with that tomorrow.

Finally, a quick swing by Tiffany & Co. Dammit... I want that ring. It's brushed white gold with engraved polished lines both around and across at each 1/5th of the ring, with a small diamond at each intersection. It's not too flashy... not too over the top... but has just enough shine and shimmer to make me very, very happy. :)

Total cost for the shopping trip? $3337.37

American Express better love me after this... :P
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