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About Roseville....

Previous Entry Roseville.... Dec. 8th, 2003 @ 08:18 pm Next Entry
Once again, I'll be getting up at 5am for my wonderful trek to Roseville, California. It's nice on one hand to get to be around the team (and the people that can actually make you believe there's some intelligence in the company), but on the other hand, it's SUCH a long drive (okay, 2.5 hrs, but for someone who wishes his 17min commute were shorter, that's one hell of a drive).

The nice spin is that I might meet someone I've been talking to for a short while up there (conversation seems to be fading though... I think it's that "we have no known mutually relevant topics to discuss" situation, so a meeting might change that (maybe some shopping at the Galleria in Roseville, which is actually a pretty cool mall)... who knows. The other nifty thing (chronologically, not necessarily in order of importance :P) is that I'll prob spend the weekend with my bestest friend ever (Elyssa) going to her parent's house... just 'cuz...
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