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Day 1...

Well... I've officially started... and I'd forgotten how hard it is to start a new job.

I think I've met maybe 20 people today... all of them have an interest in what I'm doing. So interested, in fact, that 1/4 of them have plans to do something to address one little niche issue related to what I'm supposed to be working on, and another 1/4 have already got something out there. I'm getting lost in names and faces and what people do... what products they already have... what it is they're trying to accomplish...

Plus, every time someone passes by, they're asking about product xyz8000 and it's MTU TTL RTFM FUD POS...and I have NO CLUE what they're talking about. (for the record, I know what all of THOSE acronyms mean).

Frankly, I'm just a bit overwhelmed. It's all a bit much to work through all at once... but they're all very gung-ho, and this needs to be solved fast (which it does)... but can I please only meet a maximum of say, 5 people in one day? Maybe then I'd actually remember at least their names :P
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