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Happy Birthday to Me... Happy Birth... ;)

My bestest friend in the whole wide world came down from Sac this weekend to party it up for my birthday (which I had to share with some guy rising from the dead or something... it was all over the news). I usually have quite a few pre-concieved notions as to how things should or will be. I was imagining a fairly chill weekend... my usual dinner at La Fondue... maybe some hottub... and just hanging out.

The girls were gonna get here Friday night, and leave on Sunday (since everyone has to work on Monday)... and since they were getting here so late on Friday, I didn't think they'd be interested in going clubbing (which I've been very okay with NOT doing lately). It was going to be Elyssa, Marianne, and their friend Carrie. Nope... they drive up and the first question is "Where'r we going tonight?!". After some convincing, they managed to suck me off to the Cafe and Badlands. I tried to get drunk, but I was exhausted when we decided to go, so I slammed a couple of redbull, and that seems to have defeated the alcohol. Damn. But it was still a good time. We got home and dealt with some major, major, major drama (that I won't go into right now), and were all finally able to crash out around 5am.

Saturday was SHOPPING!!! We swung by Needless Markup, where I wanted to fix some cheating I'd done on my hot cool Neimans love, and then basically went crazy buying all kinds of random stuff. Two pairs of Prada sandals, a Prada sweater, some Levi's Premium jeans, and a REALLY cute Dolce & Gabbana t-shirt. Then we stopped at Tiffany & Co. and I picked up a cute (albeit slightly queeny) rubber-and-sterling necklas from their Atlas line. Cute! :) Oh... did I mention the bottle of champagne we had up in the Neimans Cafe just before we went shopping? Yeah... the jeans and the sweater are going back. :P

We came home and hung out for a while before we got all dressed up for La Fondue and had a fantastic dinner of dripping cheese and oozing cocolate and wine wine wine... y u m m y. :) The thought crossed our minds of going out again... but we opted not... we were all pretty tired from the night before.

Finally, Birthday Sunday... we all head up to Lime for brunch and all you can drink mimosas. I'd swear we polished off at least a few pitchers all by ourselves. Every time they'd walk by to top us off, Carrie would grab the server and we'd all slam our drinks and ask him to fill them back up again. :) After meeting a friend who had other pimpish plans, we headed off to Union Square, where we were frustrated with the lack of shopping options (because of previously stated reincarnation boy). Stopped at Levi's (and found some better jeans, just not the right size, so there goes that), then decided we needed more alcohol.

...and this was what MADE my birthday. We sat down in the lobby below the restaurant in the Westin St. Francis, ordered 2 bottles of champagne and 3 ounces of osetra caviar, and just CHOWED DOWN! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! :) Seriously... you all know me... you know I like this kinda shit... and this was the level of "this kinda shit" that totally topped off my fun. :) Then with new friend in tow, we headed off to chinatown for a few minutes, and eventually found ourselves back at BoC.

...then, somehow BoC became badlands (and Chris became FUCKED UP drunk)... I started making out with people (including the lesbians... wacky)... it was fun, but I'm sure it wasn't pretty.

Today I'm nursing a hangover... gonna deal with detox this week a bit... and just remember the best birthday I think I've ever had... :)

Only problem now? I left my cellphone in their bags... so my phone is somewhere in Sacramento right now... hope nobody's tryin to call me... :P
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