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"...so this is The Town that Crazy Built..."

Visiting Salt Lake City this weekend was a complete blast. Plan was to see ex roomie Chris and "G" and go snowboarding... maybe see what Salt Lake City offered. In the end, snowboarding was sacraficed, and the entire weekend was spent either getting drunk, or recovering from getting drunk, though the outcome was actually an increase in the amount of time I get to spend with Chris and G...

Weekend started with a party with friends, which went into insane clubbing, visiting pretty much every venue SLC has to offer. It's amazing that SLC has better "general" clubs than SF does. I think I'm still trying to figure out why San Francisco is the "gay mecca", when so many other cities seem to cater to the entertainment of their gay communities more.

Saturday was the hangover day. We got up early to go skiing/snowboarding, and after some acknowledgement of our fucked-up-edness, we abandoned this concept pretty quickly. So, instead we scheduled spa time for massages. planetboy got a chick, and I got a cute little mormon boy named Zach. I had to maintain my non-erection while being touched all over by a cute boy. Tough times! The funny part was when we started kinda feeling each other out (no, not like that) and he asked "why only one ear for the earring?" and I said "Cuz two would just be way too gay." and then he tried to hook me up with my best friend Elyssa. Riiiight.

one disco-nap later, and we're off to the bars again with some friends we'd met the night before. I was still exhausted, so wasn't too party-ish, but honestly gave it a good fighting chance... at least enough to create sleep deprivation and a hangover the next day again. At minimum, I admire planetboy's ability to get out there and hit the slopes, though he did make it clear that it was probably the (second) worst snow he's ever experienced.

The one thing I do have to say is that those mormons, despite what I may think of their religion (and not contradicting that they have a right to believe what they want, which is completely distinct from what I think of what they believe), they do appear to be an incredibly practical people. SLC is probably one of the best laid out cities I've ever seen. Everything kinda makes "sense", though it can be a bit confusing at times because things can occasionally sound so similar... but they did know what they were doing. Wide streets... decent traffic laws... good long-term structure... it's a cool place.

I'm looking forward to going back sometime soon. I met some cool people, and really enjoyed hanging out with Chris and G. Also, not to leave out something so important, it was also nice traveling with planetboy, who was easygoing enough to go with the flow, but also knew how and when to push his energy to make something happen. *smacks on shoulder* "You're a Good Man, planetboy" ;)

Thanks for the great time, guys :)
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