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Movement of Light

I think someone in some journal may have acknowledged this... but physics seems to occasionally still have this debate about light. Specifically, "Is it a particle or is it a wave?" is the common question.

Keep in mind, I know nothing about this... but I can't help but ask, why can't it be both? Why can't it be a particle that moves in a wave pattern? There might be some inquiry required as to WHY it moves in a wave-like pattern (standard physics would say that unless something very interesting is going either in the particle or on the particle, it should go in a straight line).

Here's my reasoning:

First to prove it's a wave, there's the trick of poking a small hole in a large piece of cardboard or paper, and putting two light sources on one side, and seeing the pattern that is created on a solid surface (aka, wall) as the light passes through the hole. With two light sources, most would say "two dots would appear... one for each light source." However, what actually happens is (if done right) THREE dots are created... one for each light source, and then a third in the middle created by the interference of the two waves of light particles with each other, cancelling out their own wave, and creating a third more direct light spot in the middle. If there weren't a wave of some form, this interference pattern wouldn't be created.

Second to prove it's a particle, all you have to do is create a perfect vaccuum within a transparent container. Such an environment would be completely empty of any particles, including photons, that could propogate any wave-like activity (in order for a wave to exist, there must be particles present to put into a wave-like motion). Then shine a light through the transparent box-vaccuum. Light will still go through. If light were strictly a wave, the light wouldn't be able to pass through the vaccuum since there are no particles to propogate the wave through. So, the light must be providing it's own particles that can pass through the vaccuum.

So... light does things that are both particle-like and wave-like. I just don't get why science needs an either/or scenario here. I say it's both, and if we can accept that and stop wasting time talking about it, we might be able to focus our energies on actually doing something with it instead.
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