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A good talking to...

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I guess "life" is taking a higher priority than documenting life. Most would call that a good thing... but I somehow miss being part of the community of LJ and my friends, so I guess we can all do with that what we will. :P

One of my not-too-distant postings focused on "tricking" and what I wanted from a trick. Well, lets just say I found it. A lot. And keep finding it.

...or did, anyway.

A few weeks ago I got a firm (but minor... no bitching... just expressing, if you will) talking to from one of my roommates about it. He said that, on one hand from a roommate standpoint, it's uncomfortable for him to have people coming and going. On the other hand, from a friend standpoint, he "doesn't know what I'm going through"... but things it's a little... concerning.... and he wasn't the only one in the house that felt that way.

I decided to persue the topic with another roommate, and the primary discussion centered around, if what was going on wasn't okay, what is okay? Is one person a month okay? ...every two weeks? ...once a week? If this is bad, to the point that it deserves mentioning, what is the allowance? What should it be? Where is the line of uncomfortability so that I can play within the rules? How can I be a good, collaborative, understanding, considerate roommate and still live my life the way I feel I should be able to? Where is this line?

The way I see it, there is some level of give and take when you're in a roommate situation. But ultimately, we would all like to be able to live our lives in whatever way or fashion we feel we want to live them... but when you have roommates, there are always considerations and compromises that must be made. But, when you're doing what you want, and someone else doesn't want you to, there has to be some definition... something that says what IS okay, if what's currently going on ISN'T okay.

Ambiguity is never effective, and imposition is rarely acceptable.

In the meantime, I've dramatically toned down (turned off?) the playing with boys, which is a typical response for me... but I'd still like to get laid now and then, and to be perfectly honest, I'm not really planning on building a long, committed, caring, loving relationship, complete with white picket fences, Pottery Barn, 2.3 kids, and a dog. It's going to be people that, on some level or another, I do actually LIKE (though for what reason is very debateable). It's not as though I don't know their name, or have no intention, going in, on never seeing them again. As slutty as I can be, I'm not that kind of slut... but now it's uncomfortable for me.

What's a mature, sexually active, unambiguous boy to do? *sigh*
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