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Getting better...

I've occasionally been stressed out or annoyed about how the new job has been going. The most freqnet main issue has been around the fact that though I have this job, and this title, other people have been effectively tasked to do the job I was arguably hired to do, and I've been asked to do something that I have a ton of experience in, but don't really wanna be doing.

That pretty much changed today.

I had a conversation with the guy that had been given the task of doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing. He apparently had a conversation with our boss's boss (his direct boss, and the guy that had apparently tasked him to do this thing), and they both agreed that between his own workload and the fact that the ultimate implementation would impact much more than just his group, it makes more sense for me to own it. EXCELLENT! :)

So, the basic summary is that I'm now going to do the thing that I was hired to do... and he's going to effectively be my "client". We'll discuss things next week about what we're going to do and what he needs, and I'm going to drive the project.

On the other hand, one of the things I've been waiting for was a server to host the tools that I'm going to start pitching the company on... (and already have some pre-built support due to interest-building conversations I've already started having).

So, so far this week, two wins, no losses, and progress being made. Good times :)
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