KuteLuvr (kuteluvr) wrote,

Gooooin' to the chapel, and we're...

The day is finally here... My baby sister is getting married.

I'm giving her away. There is truly no greater honor. The minister asked me what I'm going to say, and said "Her family" is traditional. My sister looked at me and said "I want you to say 'Her family and I'. It's important to me that you're the one giving me away." I cried.

My middle sister and I were up last night talking about it (we're sharing a room at the hotel), and sharing some heartfelt memories of things. Life's gotten pretty incredible between my sisters and I.

The wedding should be absolutely stunning. It's on a terrace at a hotel on the beach in Monterey... the view for all of the onlookers will be my sister and my new brother-in-law getting married, with a complete ocean beach and surf behind them.

I'm going to cry.

And cry and cry and cry.

She deserves this... and she's showing me what love really looks like.
Tags: family
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