KuteLuvr (kuteluvr) wrote,

Fire & Ice: Saturday, July 29th!

Host: Casa del Pecado (aka Craig, Chris, and Alex)
Location: 130 Leslie Drive, San Carlos, CA     
When: Saturday, July 29, 9:00pm

After an appallingly long hiatus, Casa del Pecado returns with Fire & Ice. You know the deal. Three decks, a huge hot tub, lots of space, great music and ambience.

We'd like to keep this one a bit cozier than the last, by which we mean under 200 people... :) But definitely bring yourself and do feel free to bring a cute friend or two. Just leave attitudes and inhibitions behind.

Swing on down to San Carlos on Saturday July 29. Revelry starts around 9:00 and ends when sunlight drives the last person from the hot tub.
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