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Fire & Ice (cubes)

The party is coming off well... lots of people coming (more than on the evite), and all the requirements for a good time.

...that being said, I'd like to also say DAMNED FUCKING HEAT. When we do parties, I focus a lot of effort on the ambiance of the party. I buy what it takes... build what it takes... whatever it takes... to create an atmosphere that fits with the party theme. (If anyone remembers the original "Glow"... that was the best example)

I had (and still have) a lot of incredible ideas about what to do for decor for the party... and all involve some really creative ways of merging these contradictions of Fire & Ice into a single concept. Unfortunately, every bay area ice retailer is OUT OF ICE. That's right ladies and gentlemen... we can't freeze water fast enough.

So... I'm probably not going to get to my ultimate vision for what was going to be... but we still have a lot of cool stuff going on... and the core element that started the theme going is in full existance... so there's really nothing wrong. But I wanted more.


I doubt anyone would have noticed any difference anyway :P
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